Weather on Station Linné

Station Linné has unique weather statistics that reach all the way back to 1964. The data in these statistics include several parameters like precipitation, wind, ground and air temperature.

For the guest researchers at Station Linné this is included as an extra service. Others can purchase these weather data for a fee of SEK 1500 plus SEK 300 for each month of data. Welcome to contact us and we will tell you more.

Trap ID 22 – Gamla Skogsby, diversitetsängen

Trap owner: Dave Karlsson and employees at Station Linné
 Major habitat: meadow with shrub vegetation

Locality: SE, Öl, Mörbylånga kommun, Gamla Skogsby (Kalkstad)
GPS coordinates: WGS 84 decimal N56°37.02´ E16°30.457´
Or, alternatively, WGS 84 g/m/s 56.616700, 16.507617
Trap head (collector) direction: 153°


Predominating vegetation (alphabetical order): Allium sp., Convolvulus arvensis, Dactylis glomerata, Dasiphora fruticosa, Filipendula vulgaris, Fragaria vesca, Fraxinus excelsior, Galium boreale, Galium verum, Medicago sativa falcata, Poa pratensis pratensis, Primula veris, Prunus spinosa, Ranunculus polyanthemos, Rosa sp., Taraxacum sp., Vicia hirsuta

Additional notes:

The trap was from the beginning unfortunately raised over a roe deer path (picture 1 and 2 to the right) and ran down by the animals three times during the first year. The problem was partly solved by move away the trap 10 meters from the path (picture 3 and 4 to the right). The animals did not destroy the trap again after the relocation, but still used it from time to time as a flophouse.

The trap has been emptied 46 times during June 25, 2003 and September 06, 2006 as follow:
Coll ID      Period
244           2003.vi.25-2003.vii.13
245           2003.vii.13-2003.vii.17
246           2003.vii.17-2003.viii.07
247           2003.viii.07-2003.viii.18
248           2003.viii.18-2003.viii.31
249           2003.viii.31-2003.ix.12
250           2003.ix.12-2003.x.08
251           2003.x.08-2003.xi.04
252           2003.xi.04-2003.xi.25
281           2003.xi.25-2003.xii.31
771           2003.xii.31-2004.ii.01
772           2004.ii.01-2004.iii.01
773           2004.iii.01-2004.iii.30
774           2004.iii.30-2004.v.01/
775           2004.v.01-2004.vi.01
776           2004.vi.01-2004.vi.23
777           2004.vi.23-2004.vii.18
778           2004.vii.18-2004.viii.01
779           2004.viii.01-2004.viii.23
780           2004..viii.23-2004.ix.18
781           2004.ix.18-2004.x.24
782           2004.x.24-2004.xii.01
783           2004.xii.01-2005.i.03
836           2005.i.03-2005.ii.01
837           2005.ii.02-2005.iii.01
838           2005.iii.01-2005.iv.01
839           2005.iv.01-2005.iv.25
840           2005.iv.25-2005.v.20
1312         2005.v.20-2005.vi.01
1313         2005.vi.01-2005.vi.15
1314         2005.vi.15-2005.vi.29
1315         2005.vi.29-2005.vii.18
1316         2005.vii.18-2005.viii.01
1363         2005.viii.01-2005.viii.19
1364         2005.viii.19-2005.ix.12
1365         2005.ix.12-2005.x.03
1390         2005.x.03-2005.x.29
1427         2005.x.29-2005.xii.01
1457         2005.xii.01-2006.i.04
1481         2006.i.04-2006.iv.04 
1566         2006.iv.04-2006.v.20
1725         2006.v.20-2006.vi.28
1729         2006.vi.28-2006.vii.03
1730         2006.vii.03-2006.vii.20
1731         2006.vii.20-2006.viii.15
1829         2006.viii.15-2006.ix.06

Leg.: The Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP)