Trap ID 58 – Kulbäckslidens trail park, pine plantation

Trap owner: Ulla Nylander and other employees at Svartberget Research Station, Vindeln Experimental Forests
Major habitat: 40-50 yr old pine forest with blueberry
Locality: SE, Vb, Vindelns kommun, Kulbäckslidens trail park, pine plantation
GPS coordinates: WGS 84 decimal 64.176700, 19.590267
Or, alternatively, WGS 84 g/m/s +64° 10 36.12", +19° 35 24.96"
Trap head (collector) direction: 160°
Altitude: 279 m.s.l.
Predominating vegetation (alphabetical order): Cladonia arbuscula, Cladonia rangiferina, Deschampsia cespitosa, Dicranum scoparium, Empetrum nigrum, Hylocomium splendens, Linnaea borealis, Luzula pilosa, Lycopodium complanatum, Melampyrum sylvaticum, Pinus sylvestris, Pleurozium schreberi, Polytrichum commune, Ptilium crista-castrensis, Trientalis europaea, Vacciniuim vitis-idaea, Vaccinium myrtillus


Additional notes:
The trap has been emptied 15  times during August 1, 2003 and October 15, 2004 as follow:
Coll ID      Period
207           2003.viii.01-2003.viii.18
208           2003.viii.18-2003.ix.01
209           2003.ix.01-2003.ix.22
210           2003.ix.22-2003.x.14
752           2003.x.14-2003.xii.02
753           2003.xii.02-2004.iv.20
754           2004.iv.20-2004.v.28
1280         2004.vii.09-2004.vii.23
1281         2004.vii.23-2004.viii.05
1282         2004.viii.05-2004.viii.20
1283         2004.viii.20-2004.ix.03
1284         2004.ix.03-2004.ix.24
1285         2004.ix.24-2004.x.15


Leg.: The Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP)



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