Weather on Station Linné

Station Linné has unique weather statistics that reach all the way back to 1964. The data in these statistics include several parameters like precipitation, wind, ground and air temperature.

For the guest researchers at Station Linné this is included as an extra service. Others can purchase these weather data for a fee of SEK 1500 plus SEK 300 for each month of data. Welcome to contact us and we will tell you more.

Trap ID 37 – Skäralid, valley below northern Lierna

Trap owner: Fredrik Stålberg and employees at Skäralids naturum
Major habitat: rich beech forest

Locality: SE, Sk, Klippans kommun, Skäralid, valley below northern Lierna
GPS coordinates: WGS 84 decimal 56.027217, 13.223433
Or, alternatively, WGS 84 g/m/s +56° 1 37.98", +13° 13 24.36"
Trap head (collector) direction: data missing


Predominating vegetation (alphabetical order): Alnus glutinosa, Betula pendula, Fagus sylvatica, Fraxinus excelsior, Rubus idaeus, Sorbus aucuparia


Additional notes:

The trap has been emptied 21 times during July 11, 2003 and May 7, 2006 as follow:
Coll ID      Period
569           2003.vii.11-2003.vii.15
570           2003.vii.15-2003.viii.15
571           2003.viii.15-2003.ix.21
572           2003.ix.21-2003.x.15
573           2003.x.15-2003.xi.03
574           2003.xi.03-2004.i.29
575           2004.i.29-2004.iv.27
576           2004.iv.27-2004.v.20
831           2004.v.20-2004.vi.11
832           2004.vi.11-2004.vii.03
833           2004.vii.03-2004.vii.14
834           2004.vii.14-2004.viii.06
835           2004.viii.06-2004ix.08
1111         2004.iv.08-2005.i.20
1819         2005.i.20-2005.iv.14
1820         2005.iv.14-2005.vi.23
1821         2005.vi.23-2005.vii.07
1822         2005.vii.07-2005.viii.09-
1823         2005.viii.09-2005.viii.24
1863         2005.viii.24-2005.ix.14
1864         2005.ix.14-2005.xii.09
1865         2005.xii.09-2006.v.07


Leg.: The Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP)