Station Linné

A knowledge and information center of natural and cultural values on Öland.

Since july 2008 the former Uppsala University Ecological Research Station has changed its name to Station Linné. The station  is now privatly owned and managed by an independent foundation (Stiftelsen Station Linné). A foundation owned company - Station Linné AB - account for the daily operation and maintenance and all is supported be an independent society (Föreningen Station Linnés vänner).

Why Station Linné?

Öland, an island off the eastern coast of Southern Sweden, is visited by 3 million visitors every year. Many of them travel to Öland to enjoy the special nature on the island. The unique combination of limestone, geographical location and cultural heritage provide excellent circumstances for a rich plant and animal life. For example, 75 % of all insect species reported from Sweden are also reported from Öland, eventhough the island only is 0,3% of the country.

Öland is also an island with strong agricultural traditions. The southern part – an old agricultural landscape with coastal meadows, old village structures and a large area of limestone alvar (Stora Alvaret) – is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Despite the high value of Ölands nature and the presence of a unesco world heritage, there is no facility yet on the island that offer visitors enrichment of their nature experiences.

Linneaus = Linné

The natural features on Öland attract scientists and nature lovers from all over the world. One of the first scientists who visited Öland, almost 300 years ago, was Carolus Linneaus, in Sweden better known as Carl von Linné. This world famous scientist is the founder of the namegiving system of plants and animals: Systema Naturae. His travels on the island have been documented and it still inspires people to discover and enjoy the nature on the island.

Our goal

Station Linné aims to become a visitor centre, meeting place and market place for everybody who is interested in nature, culture and environment. The station focuses on popular science and research, culture, tourism and environment, with a special interest in the nature and culture on Öland. We also want to provide a market place for local and green products as well as to demonstrate green technologies and solutions.

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