Fundraising for diversity

We are at a stage where we need to expand to make it possible for more researchers and students to pursue their studies  here on Öland. We now ask for your support in the next step of the development of Station Linné.

Station Linné is facing great challenges along with the rest of humanity. Climate change and the disappearance of species places new demands on our knowledge of nature. We therefore need more research on biodiversity and ecology.

Make a donation to the Station Linné Foundation

BG 673-1426 or from abroad: IBAN SE90 8000 0803 0907 3063 4367 BIC SWEDSESS (Stiftelsen Station Linné, Ölands Bank, Färjestaden). Please indicate name, e-mail address and mark your donation 'future development'.

Largest insect collection in the world

Thanks to the station's own research project (Swedish Malaise Trap Project) we now have the world's largest insect collection. This collection must be secured and we think that it should be kept here at Station Linné on Öland. In order to make this happen, extended and customised spaces is needed for this unique collection which has been built up over the last decade by hundreds of researchers across the world.

Short on space

We unfortunately are unable to accept all project requests from researchers and students who approach us and who want to come and live and work here simply because we do not have space for them today. This is despite the fact that we currently have 30 beds and 50 lab places on offer. Each year we are visited by around 100 researchers with assistants and some 15 research projects from 15 countries. The interest in conducting research and studies on Öland is huge and we want to expand our accommodation and build even more lab spaces.

Why should this all happen in Skogsby on Öland?

The station's geographical location on the island is perfect. The station is centrally located so it's easily accessible and many of the island's habitat types are within walking distance. Station Linné's geographical location on Öland are also optimal in terms of research and study of the country's biota. In regards to climate change and its effects the station's activities truly play a significant role; both nationally and internationally. Our own projects as well as visiting researchers projects must be given better opportunities and appropriate premises must be available in order for us to secure future research projects and further development of the station.

You can make a difference

We are now asking the public for help and financial support to realise our dream: to become aware of and to better understand nature in general and the species we share this world with.

What happens next?

If we succeed in fulfilling our vision of the expansion it will lead to unique results and new knowledge which will benefit all mankind. We will get new and more in-depth insights into the biodiversity, evolution and life on earth!
It is about understanding and knowledge
It's about fascination and passion
It is about saving the world

Thank you for your support!

You can also join us as and become a member of the Station Linné Association or make an important contribution to basic research and become a co-founder of Station Linné!

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