Third-tier Chalcidoidea


Mymarommatidae Debauche, 1948 Bälgnacksteklar (1)
Several samples. A single species was reported from Sweden from preciously few specimens not long before the SMTP. Now, the project has yielded numerous (several hundreds) specimens, and the previously known species has proved to be distributed over large parts of the country and locally not uncommon. On top of this, one additional species new to Sweden has been found but not yet identified. Ref: Gibson et al 2007

Mymaridae Haliday, 1833 Fairyflies/Dvärgsteklar (42)
Hundreds of samples. Partially under treatment by Meike Schuppenhauer, some treated by Emilian Pricop. With a very small part of the material identified, it is already obvious that there are several new species and also new genera to the country.

Aphelinidae Thomson, 1876 Växtlussteklar sensu lato (incl Azotidae Nikolskaya & Yasnosh, 1966 & Eriaporidae Ghesquière, 1977) (38)
Hundreds of samples. Under treatment by Stephan Schmidt.

Chalcididae Latreille, 1817 Bredlårsteklar (18)
Several samples. Few identified by Eckart Stolle, Pelle Magnusson and Mattias Forshage.

Encyrtidae Walker, 1837 Sköldlussteklar (201)
Hundreds of samples.  None yet treated.

Eulophidae Westwood, 1829 Finglanssteklar (584)
Hundreds of samples. Many treated or under treatment by Christer Hansson, some treated by Ekaterina Shevtsova, some under treatment by Josef Berger. Ref Hansson & Shevtsova 2012.

Eupelmidae Walker, 1833 Hoppglanssteklar (17)
Several samples. Treated or under treatment by Lucian Fusu.

Eurytomidae Walker, 1832 Kragglanssteklar (97)
Hundreds of samples. None yet treated.

Ormyridae Förster, 1856 Kägelglanssteklar (6)
Several samples. None yet treated.

Perilampidae Förster, 1856 Gropglanssteklar (16)
Few samples. None yet treated.

Pteromalidae Dalman, 1820 Puppglanssteklar (701)
Hundreds of samples. Some under treatment by Lars Krogmann and Michael Haas.

Signiphoridae Howard, 1894 Långklubbsteklar (2)
Few samples. None yet treated.

Tetracampidae Förster, 1856 Raggsteklar (9)
Several samples. Under treatment by Mattias Forshage.

Torymidae Walker, 1833 Gallglanssteklar (120)
Hundreds of samples. None yet treated.

Trichogrammatidae Haliday, 1851 Hårstrimsteklar (18)
Hundreds of samples. A few treated by Victor Fursov.


Additional notes:

"Mymariforma" Several samples, only temporary, an earlier intermediate stage in sorting, lumping Mymaridae with various tiny and frail other

"Chalcidoidea excl mymariforma" Several samples, formerly used intermediate stage in sorting. The designation makes little sense as there is often mymarids accidentally remaining in the sample anyway...

Remarks For each taxon the total number of known species in Sweden are given in parentheses (including accidentals). Taxa considered non-monophyletic are in quotes. Note that the classification given here is not necessarily a state-of-the-art valid classification in all details, but represent the actual units in SMTP sorting.

These data are compiled by Mattias Forshage

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