Volunteer work and internships (in Swedish here)

Station Linné offers several different opportunities for volunteer work or internships. It can be anything from helping with office work, cleaning, gardening or property management to insect sorting in our popular insect inventory project such as the Swedish Malaise trap project or the Swedish Insect Inventory Program.

The volunteer services are a mutual commitment between Station Linné and a voluntary stakeholder, while internships are often filled with a third party involved. If it is an internship, it takes place in collaboration with a school or university, if it is a workplace internship, the third partner is usually the social insurance office (Försäkringskassan) or the employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

If you want to work as a volunteer or practice in our insect inventory project, you must work in the project for at least five weeks, preferably longer, to be eligible. During an introductory week, you will then have your own private expert who will take you into the unsurpassed, varied and fascinating world of insects! Students who have completed this education gain a solid insight and knowledge in taxonomic entomology and will be able to determine almost all insects to at least order level anywhere in the world - we dare to say that this is a completely world-unique education!
Working with students, trainees and volunteers is very important to us at Station Linné, so we offer a special discount for accommodation at Station Linné if applicable. However, Station Linné cannot pay for any travel expenses or insurance, so everyone must take care of this on their own.

For further information, contact us at info@stationlinne.se or office telephone 0485–385 84


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