The Swedish Insect Inventory Project (SIIP) is the continuation of the Swedish Malaise Trap Project (SMTP), both financed by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative at SLU Artdatabanken.

The main goal of both projects is to map the Swedish insect fauna and discover the thousands of species that remain unknown. SIIP supplements SMTP with samples from more habitats and collection methods. This, to fill in as much of the insect fauna as possible that was missed in the original campaign. The goal of species discovery is as paramount to SIIP as it was to SMTP. To supplement habitats covered in SMTP, environments such as willow (Salix), reed (Phragmites) and bulrush (Typha) communities have been specifically targeted in site selection for the SIIP’s 37 traps at 22 sites across Sweden. Additionally, suburban and urban environments are of ever-increasing interest to entomological and ecological scientists and therefore SIIP has included multiple collection sites in disturbed areas, suburban gardens, and even a Stockholm rooftop! Collection methods are employed from soil to canopy, and everything in between. In every way, SIIP aims to maximize the unique catch that is available from every habitat and niche.

Total samples collected 2018-2019: Malaise traps (1,142 samples), pan traps (242 samples), flight interception traps (74 samples), and canopy traps (361 samples). All samples are stored and processed at Station Linné on Öland. The samples are estimated to contain about 10 million insects. So far, about 40 % of the samples have been sorted in the first tier step (corresponding largely to insect orders).

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